"our LIVES have always been marked by coffeE"


Surprise consumers with the extraordinary taste of some of Colombia’s best and freshest coffees whilst creating a sustainable and fair business where producers can feel truly rewarded for the quality they produce and for the income they receive.


Green Wheel is a fun and passionate company where customer service is at the heart of what we do and where fairness coupled with innovation moves us everyday.


To deliver a better cup of coffee everyday through continuous improvement at the coffee fields, at our roasting facility and through our logistics and via innovative ways of consumption for the end consumers.  

  We are Ricardo and Diego, two Swiss – Colombians, passionate about coffee and its future and founders of Green Wheel Coffee. 

Our forefathers grew, traded and worked in favour of what has traditionally been Colombia’s most important crop.

Growing up in Colombia we spent many days in coffee plantations, surrounded by the hypnotic smell of Jasmine coming from the coffee blossom in the hillsides and the sweet taste of the ripe coffee beans just plucked off the trees.

Today we bring to you some of Colombia’s best, to enjoy as espressos, filtered coffees or cold brews.​

Diego visiting one of our producers. Finca la Soledad.
Ricardo's dad, on the back of a Jeep Willys, typical from the coffee region.
Espresso Academy Florence
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We focus on bringing you exceptional quality coffee, nothing less.

Because we know the country and we know its people, we have decided to bet our livelihoods on coffee.


For generations, and in many cases from an early age, our coffee producers have been working the land, learning techniques and improving their crops. Ancestral knowledge and know how that you can't find in text books.