Coffee for Automatic machines

A method full of versatility and control

four of our Arabica coffees work wonders with automatic machines, see below

Keep the temperature low and the extraction longer and you will smell the wonderful aromas of this coffee filling up the room. 
From the first sip you will know what specialty coffee is, light acidity no bitterness and a sweet aftertaste. 
Keep the temperatures low (85-90) for a real treat almost coffee with milk like. 
Finca el la sierrita colombian coffee
The character of a well extracted coffee with the freshness of a lighter roasted bean. 


Adjust your machine to coarse grinding.. 

Adjust your temperature to mid point

Adjust your final coffee size to approximately 120ml. 

other tips to improve the taste

Always use filtered water.

Try different temperatures starting from the lowest point upwards. 

Adjust step by step your grind size from coarse down too fine.

Adjust the target final volume of coffee (Longer extractions tend to be more bitter, shorter extractions tend to be more acid)

other preparation METHODs