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3 reasons why Cold Brew Coffee is so popular.


Refreshing, healthy and delicious is just the start of a long journey of benefits into the world of Cold-brew coffee.

Said to be dated from back to the 17th-century when sailors had long expeditions, high concentration Cold-brew was produced to then be diluted by adding water as it was consumed.

So, what is cold brew?

Let’s start by stating what cold brew is not. Cold-brew is not Ice Coffee. Ice coffee is simply hot or normal coffee that has been chilled over ice. Ice coffee, due to its contact with hot water when prepared, develops the normal acid and or bitterness that you could get in normal coffee. This flavor pattern remains even after chilled.
Cold-brew on the other hand, is the result of immersing ground coffee into cold water for long periods.

Here are the 3 reasons that make Cold-brew so popular:

1. Less acidity and bitterness.

Approximately 10 hours after the immersion process has started, the coffee solution is transformed into Cold-brew which is characterized by a mature and rounded flavor which is condensed, less bitter and less acid. The more time passes after this moment the more concentrated the Cold-brew becomes.
When ready, the liquid is then filtered. A proper filtration process reduces the likelihood of the drink developing any further as grounds and liquid are separated.
The result is a less acid, less bitter drink that is more gentle on your teeth and your stomach.

2. Incredible taste.

When Cold-brew is produced using:

- High quality, high altitude specialty coffee.
- Specialised equipment with extremely fine filters.
- Correct water.

The results are incredible. Pronounced notes with natural sweetness can be experienced and flavors such as caramel, dark chocolate, and citrus to name a few can be felt depending on the coffee variety used.
Cold-brew is also pretty flexible as a base to be mixed with incredible results.
Here is one of my preferred combinations.
2 part of Cold Brew N2 (Finca Jardin Real) + 1 Tonic water.

3. Caffeine and antioxidants.

Cold-brew holds caffeine levels and preserves antioxidants.
As mentioned in our page related to coffee species, Arabica coffee has around half the caffeine of Robusta so depending on the coffee that is used Cold Brew will retain a good portion of that.

The difference we have found with our range of Cold-brew is that thanks to our triple filtration process solids that could have remained in our system are no longer there. The result is a lighter sensation full of flavor and with great aftertaste.
In our range of Cold-brew, one bottle of 250ml contains the same amount of caffeine as 2 espresso shots.
In terms of the antioxidants, Cold brew is pretty powerful as it contains high levels of Chlorogenic acid that are natural in coffee but better preserved in cold water.

If you would like to know more about the varieties we use and our process don't hesitate to visit our cold brew page.

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