Coffee for professional use

Get the most out of your professional machine with these single origin colombian coffees.

Two amazing coffees for your professional machine

A modern expression of espresso with slightly acid and nutty notes.

A traditional flavour still full of sweetness and character. 

TIPS from italy to the world

5 things to know for a perfect espresso in a professional machine. 

  1. Try to always rinse and clean the portafilter between each new shot.
  2. Use premium mineral water. 
  3. Use approximately 17 grs. of coffee for a double shot. (Try to always do a double shot the extraction is much better)
  4. Extract no more than 30 seconds, ideally between 25 and 28. Make sure you time this as soon as you push the extraction button or pull the lever.
  5. The end result should be approximately 30 grs. of coffee in each cup for a double shot.

other preparation METHODs