Coffee for CHEMEX

creating waves in the world of coffee flavour

Three of our lightly roasted Arabica coffees work wonders with Chemex. 

An expression of the tropics, a light almost refreshing coffee that is bright, aromatic and balanced.

Rounded in flavour rooted in a more traditional taste elevated with a sweet dark chocolate finish.

Sweet and balanced, full of character and with a beautiful caramel aftertaste.

ONE RECIPEE - a world of flavour

Rinse the paper filter. 

Add 30 grs. of ground coffee mid point between fine and coarse. Add initial 60ml of water at 90 degrees C. Wait 30 sec. Add additional 300ml in a slow spiral pattern without touching the paper. Process should take between 2 and 4 minutes.

Add your twist

Chemex is quite a versatile method. Here some things that your could explore when preparing your next brew: 

Explore with the ratio (coffee to water). For instance, use 10gr of coffee for 150gr of water.

Upgrade your water to filtered water. 

Increase the grind size to reduce bitterness in the end cup.


other preparation METHODs