Competition winner: In 2014, the aromas and notes of Honey, Melon, and Citrus that this delicate Colombian coffee blend from Finca Los Naranjos delivers, awarded it the recognition of best in Antioquia.

COLOMBIAN Exclusive Blend "86 points"

Blue bourbon, is also known as blue mountain in Jamaica,  a rare coffee  famous for its quality.


27 years waiting for this coffee to arrive. A coffee plantation is normally renewed every seven years. This is not the case for this exceptional coffee lot from Finca el Champu.

Classic espresso, Creamy without the bitterness

Roasted perfectly to preserve the flavors of high altitude coffee plantations. This Colombian coffee delivers tons of flavor with no bitterness side effect. This is one of our most popular coffees with shops and professionals.

Modern espresso, Creamy with brighter notes

100% single origin arabica coffee roasted to perfection and in small batches. This allows the natural and intrinsic aromas and flavors of cocoa, vanilla, and sugarcane to flourish creating an unforgettable espresso experience.

100% COLOMBIAN ArabicA

Swiss Quality

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