Say bye to bitterness, and sugar IN YOUR COFFEE

Green Wheel coffee Cold brew poster


24CHF inc VAT.

Delivery only for Geneva area (Not including neighbouring France). 

Also available at Manor Centre, Chavannes and Vesenaz

86% of people that try it love it and 54% would recomMend to friEnds and family*.

*Survey conducted with 91 students at the University of Geneva.

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2X Cafeine of espresso
Less acid.
Less bitter
A powerful antioxidant

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refreshing, Healthy and Delicious

We use freshly ground Premium Colombian coffee beans and we brew them for a minimum of 12 hours in cold water. The result is then filtered three times leaving an aromatic, naturally sweet, smooth and silky finish.


Ultra premium

A natural expression of smoothness, tropical freshness and flavour.


A traditional rounded flavour with notes of dark chocolate.

Special reserve

A rich caramel taste coming from a 27 year old coffee plantation.

24CHF inc VAT.

Delivery only for Geneva area. Not including neighbouring France.

Ready to drink - enjoy cold

Premium Specialty high altitude Colombian coffee is naturally sweet.
We use the same coffee beans from our roasted collection to produce our cold brew.

Our Colombian coffee is naturally aromatic and flavourful. The notes you feel in each one of our brews come directly from the coffee.

Our Cold brew Coffee is low in calories as its made from only water and high quality coffee.

We pasteurize our cold brew coffee using a high pressure method called HPP. This method ensures six months of shelf life at normal fridge temperatures.

We use a triple filtering process this leaves practically no solids in the drink ensuring that the digestion process is smoother and faster.

Our main secret is using only Single origin high altitude colombian coffees and brewing it in premium cold spring-water

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