DireQt - How does it work?

3 simple steps

But first, what is DireQt?

The advantage

As a customer, you have the right to 10% off and at same time businesses receive your payment plus 20% more. Vouchers are valid for 12 month.

DirecQT logo

A support platform for small local businesses.

Step 1.Go to our page within DireQt, there is a link at the bottom of this page, and purchase the voucher of your preference.

As an example you will pay 18 CHF.- for a voucher valued at 20CHF.-

DireQt will send you a unique code:

For example:

Step 2. Go to our website and add to your shopping basket the products you wish to purchase.

Use you DirecQt credit as cash...

For example: FINCA LOS NARANJOS. CHF 17.- delivery included.

Step 3. Proceed to the "Checkout" section and as a payment method option select QOQA DireQt. Your unique code should be entered in the "Order notes" section.

Select QOQA DireQt as payment method.

Place your order.

If the value of your coffee order is higher than your voucher value.

You can always top it off by entering several coupon codes or by paying the difference by bank transfer to our bank account, details at checkout.

If the value of your coffee order is lower than your voucher value.

We will save the difference for your future orders.