Known as cafetière invented in 1929 and still making incredible coffee

four of our Arabica coffees work perfectly with french press.

Hit the 4 minute mark on this method with this coffee and you are up for a treat. Expect a smooth, balanced full of flavour and fantastic aftertaste coffee.

A balanced coffee rich in flavour and with a balanced sweetness and acidity that is a true joy.

Finca el la sierrita colombian coffee

The character of a well extracted coffee with the freshness of a lighter roasted bean. 

Keep the temperatures low (85-90) for a real treat almost coffee with milk like. 

A traditional recipe full of flavour

Add 30 grs of coarsely ground coffee.  Add initial 60ml of water at 90 degrees C, wait 30 sec. add additional 300ml. Swirl the infusion twice, cover and wait 4 minutes. Gently push the piston. Serve all the coffee content into a new jar to avoid over extraction. 


The cafetière is a method that has not drastically changed over the years however coffee has become increasingly better so here some tips to revive the tradition and brew amazing coffee

Change the temperature in the brewing process. The higher the temperature the more bitter the extraction. (a good range is 80-95 degrees Celcius)

Explore with the ratio (coffee to water). For instance, use 10gr of coffee for 150gr of water.


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