As rich and as complex as wine

There are over 100 coffee species, the two main ones are: Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta.


Arabica beans are known for their sweeter, smoother taste, with fruity, floral notes.  Acidity is slightly higher which is a trait of coffee with excellent quality.



Has a stronger, harsher taste, with an earthy aftertaste. They contain twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans. 

Not all coffee tastes the same

Our coffee is exclusively single origin arabica from Colombia.


The artisanal processes, the high altitudes, the volcanic soils, the perfect climate and its delicious taste.


Arabica grows at higher Altitude and altitude adds to the complex flavours, aromas, acidity and natural sweetness in coffee.


Arabica contains half the caffeine and chlorogenic acids of a robusta making it taste less bitter or woody.


Arabica contains more natural sugars and lipids, this makes coffee richer in body and taste. And remember, the higher you plant, the more natural sugars you get.

our varietals

First Arabica varietal to be transported all over the world with many local names given to it. Low-yield but high-quality.

Sweet cup – low acidity with citrus and floral aromas. 

Mutation from the Typica originating on the Ile de la Reunion, formerly know as Ile de Bourbon. It was spread throughout Africa and America by the French. Cherries are generally rounder, and its green or bronze leaves are bigger than Typica’s.

Caramel like sweetness with crisp acidity.

Developed from two cultivars that originated by natural mutation of Bourbon Red it offers higher yields and is more disease resistant than other arabicas. Caturra is small and compact, which allows producers to grow more plants in the same area. 

smooth -balanced, sweet, fruity, cherry undertones.

A unique mutation of Typica, grown in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica but also grown in other parts of the world under different names. We call the beans we grow in Colombia Blue Bourbon.

Sweet, creamy with herbal and nutty notes.

Improvement of the Colombia cultivar by Cenicafe and the result of 23 years of work, released in 2005. This is a rust resistant variety known for its smoothness, aroma, and citric acidity. Relatively short stature with high yields.

Sweet citric acid with cherry, chocolate and caramel notes.


It is our mission to enable producers to be as ecologically responsible as possible reducing to a minimum the use of pesticides and natural resources needed to produce each kilo of coffee.