Starting a path of true sustainability

Packaging protecting both product and planet. 

Preserving natural resources

While most barrier packaging is made from almost exclusively petroleum-based plastics or aluminum foil, our packaging consist of 60% renewable plants .

Outer layer

The outer layers consist of cellulose from wood pulp. These materials break down into healthy compost in around 12 weeks.

Interior layer

Made with an additive that makes it “oxo-degrade”. This additive has been shown to allow plastic to break into microscopic pieces under specific conditions over 5-10 years vs. the estimated 1,000 years needed for normal plastic.

Waste reduction

By reducing the amount of packaging that ends up in waste disposal because 60% can break down naturally in a relatively short period of time


The plant-based components that go into our packaging (wood pulp) absorb the greenhouse gas CO2 through natural plant respiration prior to being used to make each bag.

OXO biodegradation

accelerating the degrading process.