Single origin coffee is quite different from regular coffee. 

For instance, at the award winning Finca los Naranjos, Luis Guillermo picks coffee from a selected lot and processes it independently.

He then labels each sack with information specific to that coffee and delivers it personally, avoiding cross contamination. 

Benefit – Exceptional taste consistent over time.

pure coffee flavour without the bitterness and burnt taste

WHAT MAKES our coffee truly unique.

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Colombian coffee is known for its delicate aromas and notes. By working with individual farms and lots, we control traceability ensuring that coffee flavours are not altered over time.

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We work hard to encourage only the red coffee cherries to be picked. This ensures a consistent flavour in each cup. A single green bean in a batch of reds can alter the final flavour.

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Lack of oxygen at altitude is a positive thing in coffee. Coffee trees work harder transforming effort into sweetness and aromas. All of our coffees grow above 1800 mts.

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Small size roasting

We roast 10kgs or less per batch ensuring a higher consistency in temperatures and a better post roasting control.

Our producers use traditional and artisanal know how combined with modern harvesting methods. 

Being fair is not optional

 We buy directly from producers and we pay them above fair trade prices.

We recognise hard work, consistency in quality and long term relationships.

Roasting is an art


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A team hard at work delivering exceptional coffee in small batches of 10Kgs or less.

There is an art in understanding the true potential of green coffee and its transformation into finished roasted beans but in essence…

The lighter you roast the more aromas and natural notes and flavours are preserved. Opposite is true, the darker you roast the more moisture you loose and more single note in flavour you get.

Note that not all coffee develops beautiful aromas and taste when roasted lightly.

Years of experience tasting & roasting fresh coffee make all the difference.

Discover our single origin coffees


Classic Espresso

Cafe creme without the bitterness

Mid-high Roast

Modern Espresso

Cafe creme with brighter notes

Medium Roast


Perfect for drip methods and automatic machines

A voyage to exotic terroirs and coffee mastery: bountiful aromas, sweet and balanced taste

Light roast

Award Winning Coffee

Exclusive Blend

Special Reserve