Cold Brew 6 pack (discover 2 of each flavour: 6 units) (Geneva area only)

Discovery pack: 2 Cold brew coffees of each for a total of 6 amazing and refreshing cold brew coffees.


Colombian Arabica infused for 12 hours in cold water, and a super thorough filtering process, brings you the smoothest and most deliciously refreshing cold brew coffees in the market!

Conveniently packed in 250ml bottles ready to drink at home, at work, the gym or the greater outdoors! You can choose how you want your 6 pack assorted.

Delivery only in Geneva area.

Aimeriez vous que votre café soit moulu ou souscrire un abonnement? Faites votre choix dans le menu déroulant ci-dessous. 

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Smooth, refreshing and delicious, on its own or mixed with tonic or ginger beer (or other stronger things, up to you), our three artisanally brewed Cold Brews are guaranteed to keep you going through the warmer days (and the colder ones as well)! You decide how you want to assort your 6 pack and we’ll deliver to your door for free in Geneva. Sorry, no delivery outside of Geneva as this is a refrigerated product and can’t be shipped by normal post.