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Medium Roast

The richness of espresso - the fruitiness of a grand cru.

Get ready to rediscover the world of espresso. 

100% single origin Arabica roasted to perfection in nano batches, allowing the natural aromas and flavours of cocoa, vanilla and sugarcane to flourish creating an unforgettable espresso experience. 

Roast profile
Coffee Species
100% Arabica
Caturra – Bourbon
24H fermentation process, Shade dried.
1800 mts.


Delicious colombian arabica

Forget the burnt taste on espressos.

If you have tasted our espresso or cappuccino at any of the many events we have attended you know what we are talking about. A rich and flavourful espresso that needs no sugar to be enjoyed.

Get ready

To be amazed

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This single origin espresso coffee that comes from Finca La Sierrita will change the way you drink espresso forever.

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We work hard to encourage only the red coffee cherries to be picked. This ensures a consistent flavour in each cup.

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At 1800 Mts, this coffee is full of natural sweetness, delicate and balanced acidity and flavour.

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Small size roasting

By roasting no more than 10kgs at a time, we ensure a higher consistency in temperatures on every single coffee bean.

get the most out of this coffee

Any of the below methods will be perfect for -N6-

5 things to know for a perfect espresso in a professional machine. 

  1. Try to always rinse and clean the portafilter between each new shot.
  2. Use premium mineral water. 
  3. Use approximately 17 grs. of coffee for a double shot. (Try to always do a double shot the extraction is much better)
  4. Extract no more than 30 seconds, ideally between 25 and 28. Make sure you time this as soon as you push the extraction button or pull the lever.
  5. The end result should be approximately 30 grs. of coffee in each cup for a double shot.

For a perfect cup:

1. Use premium preheated water, turn kettle off before it boils. 

2. Add the coffee to the basket and level, dont tamper, coffee should be loose.

3. Turn heat on and leave pot open to avoid overheating.

4. Coffee will start to splutter through. remove from heat when the coffee coming out turns pale. 

Adjust your machine to coarse grinding. 

Adjust your temperature to mid point

Adjust your coffee size to approximately 120ml. 

Add 30 grs of coarsely ground coffee.  Add initial 60ml of water at 90 degrees C, wait 30 sec. add additional 300ml. Swirl the infusion twice, cover and wait 4 minutes. Gently push the piston. Serve all the coffee content into a new jar to avoid over extraction. 

ROASTED in geneva



Free delivery in switzerland and France (Metro)