Coffee for V60

When traditional brewing meets modern - single origin coffee

Three of our Arabica coffees work wonders with v60. 

the finer grind size used in the v60 method allows this coffee to breathe even more,  extracting a light citric expression almost chardonnay like with a honey aftertaste. 

Hit the 4 minute mark on this method with this coffee and you are up for a treat of a balanced flavour full of character and smooth dark chocolate aftertaste. 

A balanced coffee rich in caramel like flavour and with a balanced sweetness and acidity that is a true joy.

ONE RECIPEE - a world of flavour

Rinse the paper filter. 

Add 30 grs. of ground coffee mid point between fine and mid point. Add initial 60ml of water at 90 degrees C, wait 30 sec. Add additional 300ml in a slow circular pattern. Process should take between 2 and 4 minutes.


The V60 coffee method allows an even extraction of grounds making coffee cleaner and smoother. Here are some things that your could explore when preparing your next brew. 

Change the temperature in the brewing process. The higher the temperature, the more bitter the extraction, a good range is between 80-95 degrees Celcius.

Grind size plays an important role in coffee extraction. Go as fine as you can trying to maintain a full extraction in under 4 minutes. Do this to explore coffee acidity.


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