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To drive consistency, we oversee the coffee cycle end to end, from crops in the mountains to a consistent roast of less that 10kgs at a time, to packaging, shipping, delivery and customer service.



We are quick in responding to your needs. Our logistics are set up to have fresh coffee available for shipments in Europe.



Great coffee creates loyalty with customers and drives productivity in the workplace. We price our coffee for wholesale and offices so that you can benefit from its quality at a fair price.

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We work hard to drive sustainability by paying our producers above fair trade prices, by being good to the land we use, by using compostable packaging and also by giving back to the community.

Meet the coffee

We have worked with professional coffee graders and coffee shops to perfect the taste of our coffee for professional use.

Coffee beans

COLD & Ready to drink

We call it N°5 and it comes in a 1Kg. compostable bags. Its content is single origin Colombian Arabica (Castillo, Caturra, Colombia) from finca el Palmar and its taste is Creamy with caramel notes.


This is our Cold Brew range. Brewed in Geneva using cool spring water, Single origin Colombian coffee transformed into a fresh and healthy drink for your office fridge. 6 months fridge life.

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Coffee with a story for your coffee shop or office

from our hands to yours

A story of hard working men and women

As our forefathers did years ago, Colombian coffee producers work hard to improve the coffee we drink, the coffee we offer, the coffee you sell the coffee you serve.

Direct trade is not enough

Beyond direct trade, we establish long term relationships with our producers. They are our fellow Colombian friends and they count on us to look at the future together, a future where coffee is better every day and where younger generations that left the farms due to poor conditions re-engage in Coffee.