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Colombian coffee is known for its delicate aromas coming from high altitude plantations.

Four coffee varieties combined in one unique Colombian coffee blend. One of those varieties, the blue bourbon, is also known as blue mountain in Jamaica,  a rare coffee  famous for its quality.

Certainly a unique coffee in many ways. First of all, it comes from trees that are 27 years old, adding character that only comes with age. Furthermore, the farm is located at 2050 m, making coffee naturally sweet and aromatic. Finally, a proprietary artisanal fermentation process, passed down through generations make this coffee one of a kind.

First of all, this Colombian coffee is roasted to preserve the notes of high altitude plantations, and hence delivers tons of flavor with no bitterness. For this reason, it is one of our most popular coffees with shops and pros. 

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Direct trade, artisanal roasting

Farmer with a mule, showing part of the coffee process
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Every coffee in our collection has four distinct benefits.  1.First of all, every bag is from a single origin. This is key to maintain consistency in quality over time, and is a result of our long term relationship with producers.  2. 100% of our coffee is hand picked, ensuring consistency in the ripeness of the cherries and hence flavor in the cup. 3. All of our coffee selections come from farms above 1800 meters, therefore making coffee sweeter and richer in flavor 4. We only roast in small batches. Due to this we have much better control over temperatures and consistency on each and every coffee bean. 

Packed in compostable bags

Green wheel compostable coffee bag
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At Green Wheel Coffee, we are all in for preserving natural resources. It is for this reason that we have gone the extra mile to source and use compostable packaging. While most barrier packaging is made almost exclusively from petroleum-based plastics or aluminum foil, our packaging consist of 60% renewable plants. Furthermore, this state of the art bag not only reduces our coffees’ carbon footprint, but it also ensures freshness of the beans, which is of course, of paramount importance. It certainly costs us a bit more, but you have to put your money where your mouth is.


Coffee has been in our DNA for generations. Our producers share this same heritage and it shows in every pack of coffee we produce.

While our passion for coffee is not new, our forefathers grew, traded and worked in favor of what has traditionally been Colombia’s most important crop, we try to mix tradition and new tech in order to bring you the best beans possible.


say bye to bitterness and sugar in your coffee.

Taste the difference of freshly ground Premium Colombian coffee beans brewed for a minimum of 12 hours in cold water and then filtered three times. The result is an aromatic, naturally sweet, smooth and silky coffee that is ready to drink. 

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